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Just like how your boss engages you as a sounding board, let SCOTT play the same role for you.

Let SCOTT deliver the answer you need.

Studied Case Law On Your Behalf
Answer Questions In Natural Language
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What SCOTT Can Do

Experience the power of generative AI. You can ask SCOTT to answer your question or find you a case.

  • Answers your legal research queries in natural language; no more unnatural boolean operators
  • Recommends cases with relevant annotations 
  • Top-down approach: Cover as many legal principles as possible before zooming into specifics
SCOTT Search
  • Find similar cases based on
    • i) the factual matrix of your case
    • ii) a specific legal argument or clause you have in mind
  • See the most relevant paragraphs upfront 
  • Bottom-up approach: Search by specific facts or issues to identify legal concepts
1. SCOTT does the heavy lifting 2. SCOTT is Fast 3. SCOTT self-learns

The Secret Sauce

  • 01

    SCOTT tells you the answer upfront, and provides the sources so you can verify the usefulness and credibility right away.

  • 02

    Skip the Ctrl F search across multiple tabs of content - just ask SCOTT to know whether you are on the right track.

  • 03

    SCOTT is continually trained on INTELLLEX’s proprietary data and annotations accumulated over the past 7 years since 2016.

Pricing Plan

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  • Snippet of SCOTT’s answer
  • Supporting citations
  • Relevant paragraphs upfront
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  • SCOTT’s answer in full
  • Full Q&A functionality
  • Citations with case annotation details
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Everything in STARTER,

  • Preview of beta features